Automatic (?) truncation ruins a sale

Filtering through some long-ago crap at work some years ago, I found VHSes of subjects that were long ago filed and forgotten. One of them was entituled “The Attitude Virus”, meant to warn office workers about how they could ruin their work environment by bad attitudes that affect others. Made by CRM Films, here is the title screen:

The Attitude Virus / Curing Negativity in the Workplace / Government Version

CRM films still exists as CRM Learning, now bought by “Media Partners”, and they still make these sorts of things, though their website doesn’t seem to like the currently current (84.0) version of Firefox.

When I went there last, July 30 of 2019 (when I meant to write and post this!), here was one of their films:

Description in caption.
Still image in an office kitchen / breakroom, looking over a woman’s shoulder at a man standing maybe 1.5 meters behind her looking down at her with a facial expression and posture of “sizing her up”. She is wearing corporal shoulder boards, his rank insignia is indistinct at this distance. Picture title is “Harassment Is… Government”. Mouseover popup has additional text: “Users government-specific scenes to show workers the many forms harassment can take. Practical information on how to prevent and/or respond to arassment is included.” Runtime: 17 Minutes Topic: Government “A Coastal/Dupont Title”

The actual film name is “Harassment Is… Government Version” but their website truncated it for lack of space. Similarly there is “Harassment Is… Hospitality“, “Harassment Is… Retail” (too old to mention “karens”, but hopefully does mention offensive customers), “Harassment Is… Industrial” (“industrial” as in “industrial-strength” harassment is a nasty idea and should get someone a criminal record), and “Harassment Is… Office“.

I have not seen any of these films myself, so can’t review them, only their producer’s (?) website that invites silly humor about a subject that needs to be given a serious tone.

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