Unhelpful sign is inaccurate

I am sure this has happened, that you look at a photograph or moving image and something not important to the subjects is what you remember.

Mount Vernon, New York is a little place, officially a “City” as the State considers it. It actually borders the north end of New York City, so is part of that conurbation / megalopolis.

In 2019, the mayor plead guilty to offenses, and used some ultimately defeated legal logic to stick around. For a time there were 2 “mayor” people in the government building, the police department arrested their commissioner (chief), and this picture was taken and posted by the Journal News in this article:

A picture showing two adult human figures facing away, entering one of two double doors. The sign “Mayor’s Office” is partially visible. On the wall to our and their left, a fire extinguisher hangs on the wall with a “Fire Extinguisher” sign to its right. Sign to our/their left reads “Workplace Violence Policy” with unreadably small text. Source click. Photo credit: Tania Savayan/The Journal News)

What originally caught my eye is that the “Fire Extinguisher” sign has a downward pointing arrow despite the device obviously located adjacent to it, maybe 5 cm away. After looking at it a year and a half later, I’m comparing it to the height of the two humans in the picture and the heights of the doors. It’s not possible to reach its handle to take it down from the wall!

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