I propose to use this blog to write whatever I feel like, which honestly is what every blog is about. To be specific, I have a list of things to blog about, and will try and dayly increase it. I do not guarantee I will write it dayly though:

Helpful Ideas I have had, or others have imparted to me.
Entertaining Stories of mine, or others, that do not lose too much in the telling.
Observations on interesting things I’ve found.
Proposals for improving things.
Hideously bad user interfaces.
Personnel Adventures.
Indorsements and Discountenancings.
Sometime political Partizanry, though avoiding depraved hate and malice.
Anonymous animadversions.
Occasional unsolicited Reviews.
Personal glitches or self-memes.
Potential journal Entries.
Maybe a guest-poſt.
Authorizing of fiction.
Any societal interactions I feel are worthy of memory and display.

Note that I have multiple styles dictated by my mood at the moment, not quite multiple personalities. For example, in one I tend to injoy archaic spellings (“Publique”, “Proſpectus”) of the 1700s, while in another I am quite rigidly accurate. Some are orthoganal to others, and so may overlap.

Your comments solicited. I dispise registration requirements, and so allow open commenting on this blog to posts. I moderate the comments solely to prevent and suppress SPAMs. I will not reject a comment because I disagree with it only.

,Your Author.

[Note this is also the first post I made to the blog]


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