P O L I T I C S, and 3 independent discoverys

I live in the United States. This post is completely political. I do not use insulting language, mention any person, or encourage crime. (Some people may be trying to avoid this for emotional health.)

Very likely all 3 of these are known already. All I claim is that I noticed them on my own and haven’t (for the second 2) found what they are already called.

Reading this Reuters’ story, the last paragraph is:

Police officers were present but in smaller numbers than earlier in the week. They generally assumed a less aggressive posture, wearing patrol uniforms rather than body armor and helmets.

‘A part of history’: calm prevails at protests in Washington and other cities

Probably that had a strong effect on the public that was assembling there keeping the peace for themselves. This is a kind of merger of the Law of the Instrument and Chekhov’s Gun: if you put a riot police somewhere, they are probably in a riot-controlling mind and will do so, and the people see them there, and figure that a riot is expected at some point.

There was an article in a print magazine from years ago (maybe 15 or so) from a United Kingdom police about this, the illustration was of one policeman wearing a shirt and tie, then less formal desk uniform, then a patrol uniform, then a face shield and body armor.

In a place where power is used wrongly and no stronger power compels justice (a despotism government, a boss that answers to no one, a controlling partner), each person can go along with it more or less. Some select the extreme of completely prostituting themselves on the incorrect idea that they will always be safe. This is somewhat symbiotic, as the collaborationist will want the wielder to stay in power to prevent retribution, so the wielder has a reason to keep them around. However, the randomness of life is increased so much by the deranging from absolute control that the suck-up is sure to be caught at some point. It could be not realizing orders have changed, being too enthusiastic for old orders, not enthusiastic enough for the new ones, or, at the end of the list of possibilities, somehow wrong in some way that cannot be changed.

Every collaborationist becomes inconvenient, or dies waiting for it.

Iron Law of Collaboration

At last, here is my view on people who “don’t believe in” evolution, proof of someone’s dishonesty or misconduct, particular people or groups, or anything that disagrees with them:

You do not have to believe in the sidewalk; that won’t make it any softer when it hits you in the ass.

my Law of Eventual Impact

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