A long empty space – the other end

So you know, the reason I’ve not posted lately @ all is because I have seasonally influenced tiredness and low moods, and I bought a house.

The second one started in June or July and finisht earlier this week. SO, I now have to moove everything over there slowly. I took 2 days off for that but slept through almost all of 1 of them because it is so very overcast here.

On getting the house, the first major thing I did was replace 2 iffy old light fixtures with new LED ones that let you change the color temperatures!! The second major thing was remove many of the IMO ugly old curtains/valences.

Of course, here is where I have to remember to notify EVERYONE that I need to (and avoid those I don’t) my new address. The postoffice doesn’t deliver mail, so I have to have a PO box, which makes me frown >:(.

Short post on the shortness of posts here

2.5 things have been/are going on that are quite responsible for not posting at all here for some months:

I love work. Not all of it is enjoyed, but there is so much stuff that really is useful to do and I get to do and get payd to, as well as earn the approval of almost all of my co workers, which means much to me. I am not diagnosed with autism, but the description of the term “hyperfixation” sounds accurate to alot of this. I took something home on Friday, after staying way late to work on other things, because it didn’t get done and is time-limited. More on that, I hope, soon for you.

I am in process of purchasing a house to live in. The apartment I moved to almost 1 year ago is passable but not great, its landlord is disengaged and disinterested in it. The last one tried to be/appear interested in repair and improvement of their property. I have a place pickt out, have made an offer that was accepted, and am working with my finance institution to get the mortgage performed, contract signed, other things found out. I have a really good real estate agent (who is also a “realtor”) that has made this process much clearer/safer.

The remaining “half” is the constant tiredness annoyance that I think is psychiatric, because it certainly started there.

I like that smell!!

The local utility company sent in the bill this month a scratch-and-sniff insert to let people know what a natural gas leak smells like. It is some mercaptan (methyl or ethyl, probably).

I’ve long enjoyed that smell on account of not growing up around gas heating/cooking/etc but associating it with warmness when wanted. There is usually a short puff of that smell at the start of a use of it. This is probably not what is wanted from a safety view, but does not prevent my taking alarm if the smell persists or turns up somewhere it has no business being.

Abort Once Around

Unlike my fears from Thursday, yesterday was totally benign and no one made any trouble and it was a fine day in the office.

To day, though, when I tried a new type of remote working, was a disaster. I didn’t get the errands done, the work was dispiriting and unsatisfying, and I withdrew from it between half and completely done. That is nasty but at least someone else can pick it up and do less uninspired work to complete it.

(This post name also comes from another Space Shuttle / STS method of “aborting” a launch that didn’t work.)

Return to Work place – abort?

(The name of this article is taken from the old STS “Space Shuttle” term “Return to Launch Site abort” about a way to land the space craft if it can’t launch fully properly.)

I was at work late on Wednesday and so missed all of the events at Washington, which I am purposely not using any description or adjectives of. Today, Thursday, I was working remotely, which was something of a disaster. I got some work done, minimal compared to what I wanted to and should have in more often times, and was oddly compulsed to look at news articles.

These were all text and still image based, but besides getting annoyed at the new layout and function of the “Microsoft News” app in Windows 10, all I did was give me reason to wonder why I was so … dependent on reading different news about this. It was not the same in different words, but things like teachers’ deciding how to teach tomorrow, editorial boards and editors views, important questions that investigations were being called to answer, and the things that news organizations are supposed to hear about, ask for details on, check out what they get, and summarize along with background information that lets the recipients have the best chance to learn the new things, or previously hidden things.

I am not (so) invincible to slow attracting by things that can make me less aware of what I am doing, and of what I would want to do if I wasn’t.

The title of this post means, do I return to the workplace tomorrow or not? Will that make things better (other people, minds, voices, things to do and look at) or worse (distracting and dangerous co workers or visitors?)

Addiction a counter-conspiracy

This was part of an email to a friend, but after reading the “old fart” his post about a continuous struggle to remain sober (which he reports success at length at). Nothing especially sensitive and no harshness follows.

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P O L I T I C S, and 3 independent discoverys

I live in the United States. This post is completely political. I do not use insulting language, mention any person, or encourage crime. (Some people may be trying to avoid this for emotional health.)

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Slow, modern Heptameron story four (IIII)

When I was in 6th grade, because it was an election year, we had subjects and teaching about the federal (United States) election, which included an “election” that I think the entire enrollment of the school voted in. I was irritated because we had to form a line and go to vote, like it was a mandatory vote. I think this was irritating because I knew the real polls weren’t enforced, and also this exercise was a dead end ballot, that the results would not do anything.

The conference room had ugly bright pea green angular utilitarian chairs, I think ugly drapes on the windows, a fireplace that might have been real, and an incongruous clock. They had PTA meetings in there I know, and it was part of a 2 story … carbuncle? … attached to a late 1800s brick thing that was outrageously badly retrofit. I need to tell the story of the buildings at this school some time, they were a hoot and not.

Fortunately it was really a secret ballot, and I confirmed that I could vote for “whoever I wanted” by asking my teacher, so I wrote on my paper the name of someone who was running for president, but was a total loser and probably didn’t even have ballot access in my State. I didn’t know there were such things as protest votes, but that is what it was. When our teacher reported the results at lunch the next day, I cast one of two 3rd party votes. I don’t know who the other was, and I told one staff at the place, since retired and maybe died, that I voted for this other person.


While in the middle of disassembling an old PCB powered amplifyer, I got the news that an offer I made on a house was accepted by the owner, who is selling it. I tried to get the empty unusable lot off to the side, but that was too involved right now. I can still have my CHICKENS in the smaller back Yard.