P O L I T I C S, and 3 independent discoverys

I live in the United States. This post is completely political. I do not use insulting language, mention any person, or encourage crime. (Some people may be trying to avoid this for emotional health.)

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Slow, modern Heptameron story four (IIII)

When I was in 6th grade, because it was an election year, we had subjects and teaching about the federal (United States) election, which included an “election” that I think the entire enrollment of the school voted in. I was irritated because we had to form a line and go to vote, like it was a mandatory vote. I think this was irritating because I knew the real polls weren’t enforced, and also this exercise was a dead end ballot, that the results would not do anything.

The conference room had ugly bright pea green angular utilitarian chairs, I think ugly drapes on the windows, a fireplace that might have been real, and an incongruous clock. They had PTA meetings in there I know, and it was part of a 2 story … carbuncle? … attached to a late 1800s brick thing that was outrageously badly retrofit. I need to tell the story of the buildings at this school some time, they were a hoot and not.

Fortunately it was really a secret ballot, and I confirmed that I could vote for “whoever I wanted” by asking my teacher, so I wrote on my paper the name of someone who was running for president, but was a total loser and probably didn’t even have ballot access in my State. I didn’t know there were such things as protest votes, but that is what it was. When our teacher reported the results at lunch the next day, I cast one of two 3rd party votes. I don’t know who the other was, and I told one staff at the place, since retired and maybe died, that I voted for this other person.

I, civil servant III

SO! After well over the original time of 1 year (52 weeks per the form), I got permanency in my title. Essentially I have proved that I am worth keeping. This is similar in effect to “tenure”, but is more a protection from improper politiqual influence than protection of uneasy research ideas.

In a few months, I can start the process for obtaining my professional license, which – when done – entituls me to the next title in the ladder. This will restart the process of 52 weeks of uncertainty.

Not a bad way to waste time

I have far too many things on my Desktop and also open in windows to post about. Instead, I slept poorly for half the day, and then spent the rest of the time cleaning up my seriously dangerous method of storing passwords in, essentially, plain text. At least it was not in “the cloud”. I have worked to overwrite the old file so it should be unrecoverable.

Also, I went around closing/deleting accounts for sites I have no use for anymore. Amazon makes it incredibly annoying and deceptive to delete them, and then people like that wonder why laws and regulations appear to micromanage them. Fine job there, Jeffrey [sic].

I have also backt up my Email accounts and even fixed the contact information on some old dude’s accounts that I watch over for trouble. That and started on my tax filings. YaY for proactivity!