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I invented this word! Or independently reinvented it. I’m sure someone else has already thought of it, and probably used it as a band name.

Anyway, this was a late night thought and I’ve had 10 000 of those escape from me recently, so I thought I would make a large feeling effort, and post this.


Civil Service update

I know this blog is sort of fractured between posting strange things and personal updates. No longer having access to my grand mother’s attique I have less to do with the former now and more of the latter. Of course my cycens are gone, so that removes that source of blog fodder.

I have it in words, though not writing that I have been hired by the State to be an engineer. Come next week I will report and have work to do and be able to sign papers (I9 and W4). After about 2 years of trying to get to this stage, I’m happy.

As a side note, I will try and keep blogging and noting things that happen (if I can talk about them without violating state policy or confidentiality), but I may be too tired after work to do so. We shall see.

I find it hard to write anything on here.

I find it hard to write this. Not just this but the blog itself. I have plenty of material, but I just don’t feel I can make it interesting. This is partially I am sure a side effect of my depression (clinical, I’m not self-diagnosing here), but that doesn’t make it any better.

I would appreciate one thing: If you read this, drop a comment (it doesn’t have to be witty or long or like to win the Man Booker prize or anything) so I know that some people who read my content are at least somewhat interested in it.

If you (plural) post comments, I’ll post new content more often. It’s hard to feel like you’re throwing energy into an unused resource. Also, if you can suggest things that would interest you I will try them out. If they interest both of us I might make a regular thing of it.