A quiet packaging evolution

Yesterday I was a-shopping for some light bulbs and found some of these: http://creebulb.com/products/standard-type-a/the-new-60-watt-replacement-soft-white-led-bulb

When I got back home and went to install them, I felt illegitimately pleased more than anything by the packaging. Here is the back of it:


In the upper right of the image you can see “TEAR HERE TO OPEN” and I can report, having opened three of these packages, they do infact easily open by tearing with your hands! The cardboard strip on the right tears out and then the clamshell holding the bulb slips out of the package. Then, the two halves of plastic separate because they were just held together with the cardboard.

Almost everyone has been annoyed by the overuse of tamper evident/resistant packaging for things that really don’t need it, like lightbulbs. I highly recommend this new style of package. The lightbulbs seem to work fine too.

Again, I have no affiliation with this firm. I bought the lightbulbs at retail for full price.

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