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New street light

Not a huge event, but the distribution company that serves my town replaced the street light across from my apartment building.

The old one was a probably 40+ year old HPS cobra head affair that had a bad lamp or ballast and kept turning on and off all night. I put in a work order for it, and in a surprizingly short time, they not only fixed it, but replaced it with a new LED full cutoff fixture.

I like the new white light cast. To my mind, sodium yellow I always associated with ugly neighborhoods you didn’t want to be in after dark. I have no idea if there is actually any correlation or not.


Broad band: the final frontier

After an abundance of waiting, and legally mooching WiFi off by neighbors, the cable company here has connected service to my new apartment. I have a wire line high speed Internet connection! This is the last of the utilities I needed hooked up.

On a side note, I have completely vacated my old apartment now.

Sadly my productivity on side projects that I had been working on is likely to decline now. I am still hopeful I can finish a big one for a friend before I completely lose interest.

For now, I have to go and tell my neighbor to change their WiFi password to something new, since I am done using it.

So I’m not the only one who thinks this way!

While following links on HR pages companies have, I found this blog post:

Now, I admit that it’s a partial ad for the firm itself and their software, but it also proves my point that HR should tell people who aren’t going to get hired that they aren’t going to get hired.

In other news, I have a phone interview on Friday, for a company that has an uncertain reputation on Glassdoor. That I’m not holding against it as much as the fact that it’s an hour commute. However, a legitimate job is a legitimate job and I did apply for it knowing all of this. I hope it turns out positively.

I got a rejection letter!

I applied for a position yesterday and today got a form letter rejection!

Why can’t companies do this more often, especially when they are using highly automated HR software? I despise people who, in a professional context, let others hang on when they already know they are not going to get hired. A simple “Sorry, but we have decided not to interview/hire you.” Email is enough, and lets me mark that as “No” in my spreadsheet of job applications.

I hope it is not because they don’t want to annoy us. We’re adults applying for jobs with adults; trust us and I think you’ll find 98+ % of your job seekers are emotionally mature enough to handle a professionally worded rejection letter. In most cases, we got used to getting them from colleges, so we won’t be seeing anything new if they come from firms.

A quiet packaging evolution

Yesterday I was a-shopping for some light bulbs and found some of these:

When I got back home and went to install them, I felt illegitimately pleased more than anything by the packaging. Here is the back of it:


In the upper right of the image you can see “TEAR HERE TO OPEN” and I can report, having opened three of these packages, they do infact easily open by tearing with your hands! The cardboard strip on the right tears out and then the clamshell holding the bulb slips out of the package. Then, the two halves of plastic separate because they were just held together with the cardboard.

Almost everyone has been annoyed by the overuse of tamper evident/resistant packaging for things that really don’t need it, like lightbulbs. I highly recommend this new style of package. The lightbulbs seem to work fine too.

Again, I have no affiliation with this firm. I bought the lightbulbs at retail for full price.

EPSON does a quiet good

Note: I have no connexion with Epson, other than owning one of their products, which I paid for fully. Same thing for the software I mention.

I have an old Epson scanner (Perfection 1650) that I have used for ages whenever I needed to “reverse print” a document. On getting a newer, bigger SSD hard drive for my PC I reinstalled Windows 7. Evidently previously I was on x86, because now that I’ve installed x64, my scanner would no longer work!

Repairing to the Epson drivers site1 I found they did not have a x64 driver and apparently do not have plans to. This is understandable, since the scanner is old and not sold anymore.2 What isn’t understandable from the conventional, cynical viewpoint is that they openly mention in the FAQ for the scanner3 that there is a third party program that DOES support this old model on x64 based Windows.

This completely surprized me, since the “logical” thing would be to just say “sorry, time to upgrade! Go buy another Epson here” and make some more money. As far as I can tell, the third party is truly a third party and not owned by Epson or at all endorsed by them. I kindof wonder, did the editor of the FAQ slip it in the way someone behind the counter might say “Unofficially now, you could try …”?

I hope not. I’d like to think Epson knew about this an approved it. I certainly liked it. I followed the link, and use the software on my old Epson. I have no idea if I’ll buy another Epson scanner when this one has to finally be replaced.