Trash rack victory!! Half price monitor and memory of a free one

Someone threw out an HP Z27 monitor for the understandable defect of something having struck the upper left of the screen and ruining it there. I bought for about half the cost of the original monitour a replacement LCD direct from China for the thing, which arrived to at work. After doing some real botchwork with a sewing machine on a skirt I sortof succeeded in altering, I reassembled the monitor and it works now. 3840 × 2160 and I have to run it at 25/100 brightness (via OSD) to be able to look at the thing.

The free one I’m remembering was from many years ago now, I was may be half this age and too young to drive for sure. My mother was driving me some where, likely from school, and I noticed a discarded huge monitor near home in a desolate part of the road.

Either right then or after dinner we went back and pickt it up. The thing was uncountably heavy (everything was a CRT back then) but somehow I/we got it in the car. Afterwards at home it was actually so heavy I could not lift it to carry it, although I know I often carried regular monitors and TVs around. I had to slide it face down across the floors to get it to the computer room and then flip it up.

In these days, everything almost was VGA, this was no exception. I connected it to my PC (running Windows 2000 I think, on an AMD K6-2 that could not run Connectix VirtualPC because it lacked certain processor instructions) and turned it on.

It was a Sony of some model number you could not find much of anything out online about. The front “bezel” had a Foxboro logo on it, and the thing had been used in some chemical plant I think because the screen burn was BAD. I could tell they used “ETHYLENE OXIDE” and other things, but that is the only thing I remember. Despite the constant presence of the leftover words and symbols, I used it for years. 2048 × 1536 was unheard of by me and I think my friends then.

Finally it ended up at the County’s household hazardous waste site – which was open dayly.

The thing kicked out a ton of heat I am certain of, and it was faster to “turn it off” by switching it from input 1 to input 2 than to actually use the power switch. Like all common monitors, if it didn’t get an input for a few seconds it would turn itself mostly-off.

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