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Gutenbergery II: A Chance for Himself (Part 1)

Another favorite (and long) piece of farce from old public domain literature, what would be called YA now, is this multiple chapter subplot of John Townsend Trowbridge’s “A Chance for Himself; Or, Jack Hazard and His Treasure“. Read as he “outwit[s] the witty constable”!

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Gutenbergery: First of a new series!

I have for many years when bored, generally trolled Project Gutenberg for interesting or entertaining things to read. Sometimes I’ve found things that were just too good to not remember. I propose to excerpt some of those things and display them in posts with the forestory explained.

To start, I will select “The Adventures of Don Lavington; or, Nolens Volens” by George Manville Fenn: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/21316

As a Project Gutenberg book, the copyright has expired and the text I am reproducing below is free for all.

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