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Conundrum II

I work as an inspector of products.

I was at a safe but close distance to a worker.

The worker started his work, and I looked the other way.

My boss, seeing this, complimented me.

None of the three of us are corrupt, and there is no secret agreement between any of us.

What is up?

Fun in the MLA + ACW

MLA is the Modern Language Association, and they are responsible for the MLA style of citations used in some research papers, in opposition to the APA, IEEE and others. I shouldn’t really say opposition to, since they all have the same goal in the end.

Anyway, some amusements I have found are:

  • The now changed Purdue OWL example of an anonymous publication citation: “Wordsworth is a Loser 100”.
  • The ACW style sheet, that I swear was partially adapted into MLA. Examples can be seen here. For some reason I remembered “pine_guest” for maybe 15 years since I first had to work on MLA papers in English 101 and had a handbook for citing MLA style.
  • I cannot find it now with some cursory searches, but there was an example text about motion picture censorship that I think was lifted from someone’s research paper, about how licensing fees by governments (towns and villages) were used to control films.

Anyone have anything else like this?


First so-called blogging

When I was maybe 10 or so I tried to write a journal. Unfortunately my sister found it about 5 years or so later. I remember writing and also her reading to my parents the one I had written that was mostly illegible (my handwriting has always been terrible) except for the phrases “massive pile of FECES” and “I was greatly relieved”. You can imagine how we both laughed at this (despite my being put out at it) it being stupid-seeming to her and I was around 5th grade then.

This was the first time I tried to maintain any species of regular writing.

I find it hard to write anything on here.

I find it hard to write this. Not just this but the blog itself. I have plenty of material, but I just don’t feel I can make it interesting. This is partially I am sure a side effect of my depression (clinical, I’m not self-diagnosing here), but that doesn’t make it any better.

I would appreciate one thing: If you read this, drop a comment (it doesn’t have to be witty or long or like to win the Man Booker prize or anything) so I know that some people who read my content are at least somewhat interested in it.

If you (plural) post comments, I’ll post new content more often. It’s hard to feel like you’re throwing energy into an unused resource. Also, if you can suggest things that would interest you I will try them out. If they interest both of us I might make a regular thing of it.