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Really bad interface mistake finally fixed

Despite the first idea posted for this blog being bad interfaces, I only just now got to add a search function to it! It is in the header at the end of the page list and only shows up there. I suggest looking for something for the fun of it.

I have arrived

It appears I have made a mile stone in my blogging.

I’m getting spammed by people smart enough to not get blocked automatically by the WordPress system. I have no idea why this is, all of the sudden, the case. I’ve thrown out probably 6 bad comments so far. Fortunately I pre-approve them, so no one was exposed to their trash.

Interesting WordPress failure

In reviewing my dayly “dashboard” to see who had been reading my blog, I found out that WordPress doesn’t like the copyright symbol (©) in post tituls:


I have not yet dared to try a post with ‘;– in it yet, to see if it is SQL vulnerable. I think (hope?) this is just a character encoding problem.

Excessive dates in WordPress; or, who was blogging in 1970?

If you have a WordPress blog with at least one post on it, try this:

  1. Go to the statistics page of your blog. That is described in WordPress help here.
  2. At the top of the page, make sure “insights” is selected.
  3. Click on the little histogram/bar chart icon to the far right of “latest post summary”.
  4. Scroll down and notice the ridiculous starting date of the matrix: 1970!

This is, I am almost certain, on account of a certain common epoch starting on January 1, 1970. However, I really don’t know why WordPress should display that far back. It would clean the page up and shorten it considerably if they started at, say, 2000. Alternately, 2003 was the year WordPress (the software) was started, so there should be no hits on any WP site before then.

Am I missing something? It seems a little too obvious, making me think that I have overlooked an obvious reason for keeping it.


8bitfics is gone. I am sad.

The short lived but highly entertaining WordPress blog “8bitfics” is deleted by its author now. I wish I had saved some of their text and graphics.

Essentially it was a series of stories with 8 bit color illustrations. I remember there was one about a clubbing cat, a lonely woman and… I don’t remember any more.

They got started about the same time I did in blogging, if I remember correctly. This is how I think we found each other.

Minor WordPress annoyances: Uncategorized and tag focus stealing


I have noticed two minor issues with the current WordPress post writing interface:

  1. Unlike previously, when you start adding the post to categories, the default “Uncategorized” is not removed. You now have to do that manually. I think this is a regression.
  2. After entering some tags for the post, if you move the cursor to any other field and start typing, the tags field steals the focus back. This usually happens in the middle of typing, leading to stupid looking and unwanted tags.

Anyone else have these, or is it just me and my browser/blog?

If this is more than just me I will find out how to post a bug about them.

WordPress New Post UI bug

Here is something you can try for yourself, if you have a WordPress blog. When I do this, I get an odd UI experience:

  1. In your blog, start a new post.
  2. Go to the “Visual” tab
  3. Clique the dropdown box arrow, next to where it says “Paragraph”
  4. Scroll the page.

When I do this, the right hand column that contains “Change Status”, “Tags & Categories” and the rest scrolls and so does the dropdown list. I don’t know if this is something easily solved, or even known about. I think it is amusing, and mostly harmless.