Blogging to keep Windows updating

No, I’m not getting paid for this.

Currently I have a fresh installation of Windows (7) in a virtual machine on this PC. As anyone who has just installed Windows, or any operating system, knows, the first thing to do is install the 10 000 updates that have been published by Microsoft (or Apple, or whoever) for the OS.

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Blogging while waiting

Right now I am (re)installing Windows 7 x64 in a virtual machine. I have a multicore (physical) machine and mistakenly installed Windows in the VM without telling VirtualBox to use all the cores. Consequently, Windows installed using the single core kernel. Changing the VM to use all the cores after install doesn’t improve this, it just makes Windows demand reactivation. Since I am using the VMs to test/use somewhat intensive software I do want all the cores to be used by Windows in the VM.

As a result, I’m stuck waiting for Windows Update to finish updating Windows so I can create a snapshot and then install the software under consideration. To pass the time, I was daydreaming, but am now blogging. I’ll see what else I can come up with to blog about for you all reading this.

It seems to be working, I started at 49% and now am at 91%. One thing I find irritating about Windows Update is how it moves in fits and starts. Unlike, say, network copying, which moves in a more smooth pattern.

Sigh @ Windows

It’s a fact of life that a long lived operating system will have a long list of updates. It’s the price of popularity and success. Despite all this, it’s hard for me to not be impatient when seeing this on installing Windows 7 and then Windows Update:


Note that this was after installing a bunch of preliminary updates, including Service Pack 1.