Sunday, bloodless Sunday


…is about how I feel every Sunday. Bloodless and exhausted. There is nothing a-going on, nothing doing. No mail, no Emails (usually), no business conducted, nothing I have interest in.

It is also (today at least) overcast, slightly chilly and gloomy. In fact, this blog post is the most ambitious thing I’ve done so far. Everything else was either lazy (reading) or needed (eating, chicken work).

I hope you have better times on Sundays.

Webcomics IIII

Done earlier today, my reaction of the day:


Early in the morning (before 9 AM) I got a call from the firm I had been hoping on, telling me that they were going to hire someone else. A fair reaction I think. They were at least professional about it, and I didn’t kick up a fuss to them. Now back to wondering about the State.

Unfortunately the day was cold and mostly overcast, which did not help my mood recover. I went and applied for some more jobs, but I’m not sure about them. I did meet the basic qualifications, but it seems hard to meet the “preferred” or “desired” ones too, since they almost always want experience, more than I have anyway. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, and 10 000 other people have as well. It seems to be the eternal difficulty in entrylevel job seeking.

If it weren’t essentially mandatory for survival I would probably have long ago given up, which I can’t be alone in.


I’ve recently discovered (about 5 – 15 years after everyone else), that webcomics are a thing. Specifically, they exist for about every possible interest and experience and provide a validation of similar experiences. It’s a very approachable way of saying “This happened to me.” and everyone else reading it says “OOO so I’m not the only one!”

Doodling many months ago I came up with this, and decided to move it from my tablet to my PC to the Web, for all to see:

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