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New Jersey tax maps

Unlike some states or counties, New Jersey does a darn good job hiding its tax maps. A quick search turns up purveyors wanting MONY.

Here is the official source: http://www.nj.gov/transparency/property/

Go there, and then clique “Map Search” You can then search the map.

I have no idea why it is so scattered like this.

Not very good protection

In the United States, all citizens/permanent residents get issued a Social Security number (SSN) for tax purposes and other questionable non-reasons. Since this is a very important number, it is generally afforded significant protection.1

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An odd type of tax return and an old novel

Some time ago on Guternberg I tried to read “The Boarding School” but it turned into a very sour-reading morality tract.

I had forgotten the name of the book and tried to remember some choice phrase that would bring it up in Googlewhacking. Eventually, I found it from remembering the word “botanizing” being used. It was on page 44:

“Botanizing, my dear! I fear you require light upon the subject; if there is any rare, very curious plant, give it the name of ‘Caroline Vincent,’ unless you prefer ‘the Spy detected.’”

But before that I tried to remember this passage (page 26):

When Miss Vincent entered the music-room to receive her first lesson, with haughty indifference she seated herself at the piano, and in a careless manner began a voluntary.

I, for some reason, had misremembered the expression used; searching for “noisy voluntary” turned up… tax law! It turns out that there is such a thing as a “noisy voluntary” when you admit to a past tax evasion and openly ask the criminal investigators at the IRS (This is in the United States) if you’re clear now.

To me, a “noisy voluntary” sounds like a shart in an office toilet that gets magnified by the hard surface walls and floors, but I have an immature sense of humor.