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The sadness of weekends when you don’t (want to) know anyone

I live in a rural area. Unfortunately, I don’t share the same mindset as 90+% of the people around here. They are, to quote a public figure who interacts with a broad cross-section of society, not very cosmopolitan.

I will run the risk of being called names and say they are just plain shallow, uneducated and mostly closed-minded. If you know the stereotype about “inner city poor”, it is mostly applicable out here.

The upshot of this is that I really don’t know anyone who I would want to hang out with come the weekend. We have so little in common that it would be hard for either of us to meet in the middle and pretend that we want to be around each other.

To make it worse, this weekend I don’t have any PT work I can do to keep my mind occupied, I just have my chicekns, which I can’t talk to.

I have a book (well, many books) I could read, but the loneliness is weighing on me and oddly keeping my from enjoying being alone.