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Did anyone fall for this? Probably, and that makes me sad…

Quackery is a saddening thing for me to think of and see. People who, using the hope of medicine, defraud those desperate or unable to see through their crap impostures.

So, still in 1905, on July 1st, the back page of the Literary Digest (I swear I’ll get out of this issue eventually, but there is so much in it to blog about!):

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Drink your shrubbery

Going back to New Year’s Day, 1898, in the Literary Digest we find some quackery for blindness cures and this:



No, it’s not what you think. Turns out that a shrub was once a term used to describe a kind of “acidulated” drink. I am pretty sure, given the claims, context and nature of the writing, that it is also a fraud. Possibly an addictive one, since they are giving it away free. There were numerous tobacco ads back then that let you “sample” so much of their wares free.