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Checkbox v. dropdown

When I was applying for a position at, if I remember correctly, PSEG, I had to fill out a diversity form or two or three. I don’t have a problem with that.

I did notice this UI confusion though:


Clearly that is a drop down menu. However I would note that check boxes would actually be improper here, since the options are mutually exclusive (check one). However, if they said “click on of the radio buttons” they would be probably confusing people who don’t know UI designers jargon.

Come on PSEG!

For a company that prides itself on diversity, the New Jersey/New York utility company PSEG evidently forgot to read its job application diversity statement closely:


This does not look good and may be illegal if push came to shove, which I hope it doesn’t.

Side note: Don’t US/NANP phone numbers only have ten digits in them?