I, civil servant III

SO! After well over the original time of 1 year (52 weeks per the form), I got permanency in my title. Essentially I have proved that I am worth keeping. This is similar in effect to “tenure”, but is more a protection from improper politiqual influence than protection of uneasy research ideas.

In a few months, I can start the process for obtaining my professional license, which – when done – entituls me to the next title in the ladder. This will restart the process of 52 weeks of uncertainty.


I forgot to post this but, on Monday of this week, I got my chicks in the mail!

I ordered a very mixed batch of 16 total and got them at the post office. Unfortunately two have since died. Still they are the cutest things – even when they take dumps in their water and I have to clean it out and sanitize it so they don’t get ill.

Right now they are still in their hover-type brooder while fledging out. I expect in a few weeks they’ll be able to start roosting and I can move them to the coop. I still have to move alot of trash out of the coop so they can enjoy it. Additionally, the door to the coop needs to be fixed up some to keep things like weasels out. Currently it’s a wire mesh, but the openings are too large. That and the roof needs to be repainted. Other than that it’s OK for use.

I have hopes of eggs and friendly chickens I can squeeze and pet and feed. This is obviously a minor affair and not an industrial production since I’ve gotten so few and am letting them out to pasture when they get large enough to defend themselves from a hawk.