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A mostly lost day

I know I promised a post a day, and kept that up for far longer than I thought I could.

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Rochester, Minnesota politics of 1876

The Minnesota Historic Society has put up some news papers (out of copyright) online for viewing. Here is one of them.

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Annoyance at co-“workers”

First note: I am not giving out any identifiable information. There are enough trolls out there I don’t want to feed them.

Second note: This is exactly what the title suggests, a rant about some people who I work with/around. If you don’t want to read it, I will understand if you skip this.

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Cheap senior housing in Chicago

From section 18 (!) of the Chicago Tribune of November 27, 1988 comes a piece about the gentrification running seniors on fixed incomes out of town. There were two photographs of local political persons making reflections on the phenomenon:

A particularly unfortunate double meaning of the word “cheap” here makes it look like the state representative doesn’t give a **** about seniors and wants them warehoused somewhere. Note that they misspelled her name. It’s Judith Baar Topinka.

The country treasurer looks like he’s never seen a camera before! “You mean you can make that little thing paint a portrait of me? Shocking!”

A quiet Day

Much to my surprize, a 10 ream paper box filled with photographs going back to the late 1800s was discovered. This kept everyone busy for some time gawking over them. I admit I did other things, including playing various games on my PC.

Also, I found some antient magazines filled with cigaret ads. I will present some of those later tonight or tomorrow. Apologies for the lack of content today.