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I had been on vacation, a-visiting my parents and helping them with some project(s) they needed help on.

After driving the half-day needed to get back here, I feel barely able to blog about it, but I did unload a t0n of books on the library as donaties. Also, the cycens left a HUGE T0N of cycen crap on the droppings board, which I have cleaned up now and ventolized the coop out of the ammoniacal smell. You can tell I’m tired I’m misspelling things and don’t care really.

I’m off to take a shower and sleep.

Your author.

Office integration in File History

At the risk of posting so many Microsoft Windows-related posts that I’m accused of being a fanboy, I will share this discovery I made today.

In Windows 10, Office 2013 integrates into File History (the sometimes confused default backup tool in Windows 8 and Windows 10) so you can view your backed up files without having to restore them.

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