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Warning to that Iraq user of KENPAVE

Someone, I think from Iraq, recently visited my now somewhat famous (but not as famous as the “pranque”) page on KENPAVE. WordPress reports their referrer is through the so-called handy-tab malware site.

I strongly suggest that you, if you are that user, visit this site: https://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-handy-tab/ and follow the instructions to remove the offensive software on your browser. I have not used it myself, since I don’t have that malware, but at the same time, find the instructions given to be reasonable.

KENPAVE attracts an odd clientele

For some reason, I’ve been getting sporadic hits from various parts of the world like Peru and Pakistan on my page about how terribly designed KENPAVE is. This is I am sure sociologically significant somehow, but I’m not sure how.

If anyone who is looking at that page looks here, let me know, will you, what got you to my blog post about KENPAVE?

Academic software: KENPAVE is the depth of bad design

I had forgotten to mention previously that one of the worst offenders in terms of terrible user interfaces is academic software. I mean software that is included with textbooks on CDs and other matter. For example, one of the courses I took while a student was on pavement design. A piece of software included was called KENPAVE (The “KEN” signified “Kentucky”) had to have been one of the worst things ever.

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