What is that supposed to look like? VPN edition

In Windows 10, the Action Center is a flyout panel with information and common (supposedly) actions that you get by clicking the little message icon in the notification area at the lower right of your screen (lower left if you have an RTL language). A sales-language infused explanation is here on Microsoft’s site for Windows (10).

Down in the lower part of the flyout is a collection of “quick actions” – buttons you can hit to bring up common tools like PC Settings and OneNote. One of the common actions is VPN. Evidently Microsoft is expecting them to become a big thing, but my question is:


What is that swirly icon supposed to be? It looks sortof like the Command key on a Macintosh, or maybe this flag from New Zealand. Nothing about it says “virtual private network” to me, nor would I guess that’s what it meant if it was spotted alone in the user interface somewhere.

Minor change in v. 1511

I just noticed this little things, but I think it’s a nice example of the “devil in the details” that Microsoft noticed and fixed.

In the current latest version of Windows 10 (version 1511), the “Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media” icon is no longer the realistic icon that was carried over from Windows 7:


Now it is a very simple line drawing icon that fits in along with its fellow line drawings: