[FIXED] Bad database design can’t handle domestic OR international addresses

I have some sympathy for Ortho Clinical Diagnostics since their acronym is “OCD”, usually short for “obsessive-compulsive disorder”, but they have a terrible front end to their job board:

Location dropdown menu with very scrambled entries, examples follow. Text in the background reads “The OCD Story” and “OCD is headquartered in (…) NJ, and has operations in (…) Rochester, NY; Pompano (…)”

Where to start here? It appears they started with the idea that every location would have three attributes: City, State, Country. This works for places like “Raritan,NJ,US”, although spaces after the commas would be nice. “PompanoBeach” is iffy (did they not have the ability to put spaces in names?). “HighWycombe,Buckinghamshire,UK” is pushing it, although a place named High Wycombe sounds beautiful.

Things really start breaking down in places like “,Prague,CZ” which has its City entered in the State field. On the other hand, the first entry (CiudaddeMéxico,DistritoFederal,MX) is a city in a federal country (Mexico), but has a spurious leading comma. The second one (,ISSYLESMOULINEAUXCEDEX9,FR) I can’t even tell how to break into words and read it. Fortunately I’m not applying for a job in France. Let’s also linger on “,Neckargemünd,DE” because Germany is a federation and Neckargemünd is in Baden-Württemberg. “Shanghai,31,CN” is confuzing for sure.

The website is hosted by a third party provider of HR tools, so Ortho could either fix their drop down menu OR pick up and move to a different provider. Either way I recommend this list be fixed so it isn’t so ugly to prospective hires.

And yes I know some people will say “You should be happy they are hiring at all!”. I disagree. If you’re going to put up a hiring website, you shouldn’t look grossly unprofessional.

PS. Returning to the website to check on past applications, I found out that you can’t login and check previous applications. This is the only HR website I’ve found that doesn’t have that functionality.

[Fixed when checked on April 4, 2020]