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Fox, not in socks

Coincidentally, when I was a-going out to see if there were eggs in the coop, I found my flock being pursued by a vitious Fox (first time I’d ever seen one irl) that looked like a woodchuck.

I chased up to it and clapped my hands to scare it off with a mouth full of feathers. The stupid COCK milled around there like it didn’t really want to be there, but knew it was supposed to be doing something. The other one seemed to be too ineffectual to care at all. I don’t know where the last cock was/is, he is always a loner.

The hen I think escaped other than losing many feathers. I followed the fox up and down the ditch untill I pickt up a stone to pitch at it, when it went off into the forest.

I now suspect my missing hens were eaten by this noxious thing.