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Entertaining error pages

Numerous persons have, I am sure, by now found out about the Bloompberg 404 page. However, I have found a new one of Microsoft’s, shown below:

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Well that wasn’t helpful, Windows

I was bored and my PC could use a cleaning, I determined to “reset” Windows. This is something new in Windows 8 that was carried over to Windows 10 (unlike the “refresh” option) that essentially reinstalls Windows in place without having to boot from install media.

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Minor WordPress annoyances: Uncategorized and tag focus stealing


I have noticed two minor issues with the current WordPress post writing interface:

  1. Unlike previously, when you start adding the post to categories, the default “Uncategorized” is not removed. You now have to do that manually. I think this is a regression.
  2. After entering some tags for the post, if you move the cursor to any other field and start typing, the tags field steals the focus back. This usually happens in the middle of typing, leading to stupid looking and unwanted tags.

Anyone else have these, or is it just me and my browser/blog?

If this is more than just me I will find out how to post a bug about them.

Second-and-a-half-world electoral results

For some really bad animated chartjunk, I’ve found the Guatemalan Election Court’s page for the results of its current (2015) elections to be the worst everâ„¢. Go to their website and click “Resultados”. I defy you to not be put out by their misuse of animation.

Further, their bar graphs (scroll down) have a spurious third dimension.

Finally, when you click “Descargar Resultos” (download results) on the right column, you get an image of an error message (!).

I think whoever gave the Election Court this probably so-called “turnkey” system didn’t do as well as they might have for their client and/or country.

Update (October 24, 2015): they changed their site and I cannot find the results page with the bad graphics anymore.

Update (November 18, 2015): the site is offline, except for a hosted backup.