New street light

Not a huge event, but the distribution company that serves my town replaced the street light across from my apartment building.

The old one was a probably 40+ year old HPS cobra head affair that had a bad lamp or ballast and kept turning on and off all night. I put in a work order for it, and in a surprizingly short time, they not only fixed it, but replaced it with a new LED full cutoff fixture.

I like the new white light cast. To my mind, sodium yellow I always associated with ugly neighborhoods you didn’t want to be in after dark. I have no idea if there is actually any correlation or not.

Gutenbergery: Pick the odd one out

While I’m still OCRing a Google PDF of a public domain book, I thought I’d provide this little piece of Gutenbergery.

From “The Study of Elementary Electricity and Magnetism by Experiment” by Thomas M. St. John, we have this description of the value of electricity under human control:

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