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Cycen news

It is warm here, but not too hot fortunately. There is a breeze going.

There hasn’t been much rain, so the Yard is dry and where they have scratched it up, a cracked ground. They have been dusting in a couple of holes there. It’s better than a mud puddle I suppose.

I should explain, the yard has a huge Maple Tree in it that covers almost all of the ground with its commodious Shade in the day. Unfortunately it is also butt up against a lean to shed that it is slowly pushing the roof off of. The tree is too good to lose, so the shed will have to be removed some time. I might try and do it this summer or fall, but the matter inside it will have to be removed to another place.

Honestly there is so much old matter here that it would be enough to give a minor display room at the Smithsonian or a place like that. There are so many articles of old farming and washing here like that. Unfortunately they are just crammed into a small space where no one can get at them or use them or see them really. I hope they aren’t decaying to the point of no use.

The three Cocks are at it againe. The top Cock (the big black Jersey Giant) used to ignore the Faverol, but now runs it off. Likewise it is still hostile to the Dorking. Last night I wanted them in early, but had to chase the notorious Dorking around and around until eventually it went into the partially opened pop hole and I could close it for the night.

Tomorrow I have to go into the citte. If nothing else it will get me out of the house before next week, when I have a job Interview with the Civil Service (another one).

More coop area cleaning, but more up in the air

Yesterday was a nice day (warmish, no precipitation, a little wind) so I did some work on cleaning up the swampland behind the cycen coop and yard. I had mentioned doing this before.

Alot of it was trash on the order of old tarps and such like, but there were some large plastic and cast iron pipes that were worth saving. They are now stacked off to the side. Unfortunately there is alot of swampgrass that is dead from the winter and just laying there.

If nothing else, I took two feed bags full of old trash over to the dumpster along with a cartload of other miscellaneous trash I had pickt up in the garden cart. I think that is something good.

If the Civil Service doesn’t pan out I will expand the powltry yard to include grassier areas. If it does and I have to move to the capital, then I will have to give away or sell the cycens, which will be sad, but I can’t be too choosy here.

Further cleaning in the coop

The weather was unlikelyly warm today. It was supposed to get to the 50s (°F), but I think it got to @least 60 °F. This has melted almost all of the snow on the ground, except for the huge piles that are on the edges of parking lots. If nothing else, we have significantly muddier ground now, because it is still frozen down below the surface.

There is a ditch on the property (actually two) that dreign off the hill across the street. I took a walk down the main one and a little ways up the side one untill they hit a culvert that marks the boundary of the property. I found:

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