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Send my Transcript to the Canal Zone!

While attempting (successfully) to order a copy of my academical transcript from the college, I found out you could send it to some pretty strange places, including some that would really tick off the USPS:


First of all (though you can’t see it in the image), the field this drop down box fills is named “States”, which is clearly incorrect: 12 out of 21 of these entries are not states at all! There are 9 states, 3 United States territories, the federal district (DC), and one freely associated country (I’m still not sure exactly what that means), and… the Panama Canal Zone! I defy you to get mail sent there. The canal zone was disbanded in the 1970s and completely finished in 1999. Why was this even included in the options when this RDBMS was set up?

Finally, let’s note the most shameful of all: the entries “Conversion”, “Default State”, the two “Do Not Use” (!) and the two “Foreigns”. These are programming features that should not be seen by the end user. Keep in mind this is an application meant to be used by the entire college community, liberal arts majors should not have to ask their (girl/boy)friend in computer science wtf all this means just so they can get a prospective employer an official copy of their academic record.