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Broodys, or something bad?

Yesterday, one of by favorite cycens, the little COCHIN disappeared. I have posted about her before. She is the one who constantly lays eggs under the nest boxes, rather than in them, for some reason. Probably because she is small enough to fit down there, unlike the rest of the hens. The defeated Cock also used to hide under there.

Anyway, she disappeared. Now, from experience I know that Cochins are notorious BROODYS if you let them. I suspect that they have been laying elsewhere (since they are free range) and this one finally went broody.

Now, however, today, another one, the easter egg cycen did not roost. I do not know if they are both broody (although supposedly the easter egg hens are not broody). Is something eating them?

I am thinking not, since my previous experience with chickens getting eaten by wild life is that the remaining ones become extremely scared and skittish and nervous afterwards. This hasn’t happened that I can tell. The easter egg layer was also easily the most skittish of the flock, so I’m surprized it would be her that disappeared.

We shall see if any more disappaear, or if in 3 weeks a little flock of PEEPERS show up.