I, civil servant

I neglected to blog about it, but about two days ago I received my official State instrument of identity. It is much less involved than a driver’s license, all it contains is my name, photograph, signature (both stolen from the DMV) and the name of the agency I work for. It doesn’t even have a number on it.

I was going to say that this makes me officially a member of the State service now, since there is nothing left, but I learned yesterday, that I haven’t gotten the huge packet of forms that I have to fill out for things like union membership (this state has public sector unions) and insurance.

To my amusement, I’ve been getting paid, but have not filled out I-9. While I am a citizen, the State has no way of knowing that absent that form, so I think that they might be on the edge of the (federal) employment law.

I got an Email (address)!

To my great satisfaction, I received word from my defacto supervisor that I now have an Email address and username for the State agency I work for. It has been exactly four weeks since I started there.

After waiting on hold yesterday for an interminable 35 minutes at the end of the day, today at lunchtime I contacted them again and after about 20 minutes got a person who set my password and told me what it was, so I could log in. I did so and then set up Outlook and discovered a 20 message backfile that had been accumulating. I read through it: mostly form letters, but one message that stated that I had a new password, which I couldn’t’ve read anyway because it was sent to my Email address… that used that password.

So now I have a way of officially communicating with people. Annoyingly, I do not yet have access to two internal websites that we do most of our work on. These I have to request access to. One of them is in progress, the other one I will work on tomorrow.

Civil Service update

I know this blog is sort of fractured between posting strange things and personal updates. No longer having access to my grand mother’s attique I have less to do with the former now and more of the latter. Of course my cycens are gone, so that removes that source of blog fodder.

I have it in words, though not writing that I have been hired by the State to be an engineer. Come next week I will report and have work to do and be able to sign papers (I9 and W4). After about 2 years of trying to get to this stage, I’m happy.

As a side note, I will try and keep blogging and noting things that happen (if I can talk about them without violating state policy or confidentiality), but I may be too tired after work to do so. We shall see.

Maybe, just maybe…

…I’ll get a job this time.

I received notice this week (while on vacation, hence the lack of blog posts here) that I was the recommended candidate for a certain position in the state service. Now I have to get fingerprinted [!] because of the kind of work that is involved. Not wanting to waste time, as soon as I discovered the Email from the state’s HR office I set up an appointment to get ‘printed tomorrow, which I will attend to in the after noon.

This is actually the second time I’ve done this. The first time was in the conference room to a notorious “state hospital” (that is, psychiatric hospital) that had hideous 1930s/1940s interior design. If nothing else I got to say I had been inside of one.

The downside is that, if I get the position, it will be far away and I’ll have to move. Pout. Frown. I’ll still take it and be happy. I’ve never gotten this far post-interview with any CS positions.

New post time!

I had not realized how long since my last post here: almost a month! Unfortunately I haven’t any new ephemera or bad interfaces to share right now. I do have some news on my personal life, if that is of interest to anyone:

Interviews aplenty. I had one yesterday at one end of the state (about 2 hours drive each way) and now on Friday have three at the other end of the state (about 3 hours drive each way). Additionally I just set up another one locally that I’ll have on next Tuesday.

My societal life continues to be really nothing. I’m waiting for work that I can then meet people at and be away from home for. Currently it is hard to justify going out for no reason, and not to meet anyone specifically.

The chickens are still alive despite the fox. I would let it eat the useless Cocks, but that would be too harsh on the chickens and probably is improper anyway.

I am still tired from that big trip yesterday. I slept heavily at night and into the morning and now am still tired. Unfortunately it is that tiredness that is hard to work with. I am mentally awake but physically tired, so I want to do something but can’t physically keep at anything.

I have to mail a water bill later today and also pick up some pills at the pharmacy. Yey for variety.

It is hot here. So much so, the ayr conditioning is on. It’s not that hot yet, but it will be later in the day, if the Weather Svc is correct. Heat makes me think of Thermo. Of course there are examples a plenty in the warm and hot atmosphere, but it almost seems like everything has been found out that can be there. Of course there are still researches to be done, but they, I feel, would be more esoterical. We already know about our gross phenomena. Someone like Carnotcycle could of course prove me wrong somehow, if he chose to.

You can tell I’m tired since I am rambling so much. I will post this and retire to my couch to sleep and/or read light matter from Gutenberg.

Interviewing for the CS

I suppose I should tell everyone who reads me here, that I will be a-going on a two day trip for interviews at the end of this week (June 9th and 10th) I’m getting everything prepared for then, particularly the car (has a dash light on) and my suit.

I may or may not blog about the results (depends on how tired I am during/after and if anyone asks me to), but I will be trying to enjoy the process and possibility of getting a position. Unfortunately if I do, I will have to move away.

I have the… canvass letters

I will admit I like bragging about as much as anyone (who isn’t addicted to it), so I’m going to post a little gleeful happiness here and say that I’ve gotten four canvass letters from those exams in two days from the State looking to potentially hire me.

I’m sending them back saying I’m interested, but whether or not anything will come of them I do not know.

Still, it makes me a little happy, which is good from an MH perspective I guess.