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I want to pet a chicken

Does anyone have one nearby I could pet with you? I’m not being lewd, or euphemistic. I want to see and pet a clean, healthy chicken.

Good bye, my ┼┐weets

On account of my relocationalizing, I have had to give up my sweet cycens.

My cousin’s daughter found someone, a farmer who had recently lost some of HIS cycens to hawks and foxes, to take the 8 Hens and 3 Cocks I had, and the assorted matter that went with them.

They came @ around 9 AM and I helped load the cycens into the carrying Boxes and then gave him the nest boxes, etc. Infact, everything except the unopened feed. That I’m saving for my cousin.

I still have to clean the shavings out of the coop before they start a fire or attract some offencive RODENT or VARMINT. Will do that tonight or tomorrow.

It is a little sad, but then again I was losing interest in them on account of the new job, so it is a good thing they now at someone’s who can give a farmer’s attention to their life.

Cycen news

It is warm here, but not too hot fortunately. There is a breeze going.

There hasn’t been much rain, so the Yard is dry and where they have scratched it up, a cracked ground. They have been dusting in a couple of holes there. It’s better than a mud puddle I suppose.

I should explain, the yard has a huge Maple Tree in it that covers almost all of the ground with its commodious Shade in the day. Unfortunately it is also butt up against a lean to shed that it is slowly pushing the roof off of. The tree is too good to lose, so the shed will have to be removed some time. I might try and do it this summer or fall, but the matter inside it will have to be removed to another place.

Honestly there is so much old matter here that it would be enough to give a minor display room at the Smithsonian or a place like that. There are so many articles of old farming and washing here like that. Unfortunately they are just crammed into a small space where no one can get at them or use them or see them really. I hope they aren’t decaying to the point of no use.

The three Cocks are at it againe. The top Cock (the big black Jersey Giant) used to ignore the Faverol, but now runs it off. Likewise it is still hostile to the Dorking. Last night I wanted them in early, but had to chase the notorious Dorking around and around until eventually it went into the partially opened pop hole and I could close it for the night.

Tomorrow I have to go into the citte. If nothing else it will get me out of the house before next week, when I have a job Interview with the Civil Service (another one).

Cock swap, and the Fox

After the last attaque of the fox, the one Cock was so intimidated it ceded its position as top Cock to the original Cock and then hid under the nest boxes. I thought I’d try and see if the new-old Cock was better at defending his cycens.

At about 3 or so today, I heard a noise outside, so I went to investigate and discovered that the fox was EATING THE COCK.

I chased it off and the cock went up the road aways, trailing feathers every where.

Looks like I’ll have to keep them all in the Coop for the future. It is raining today.

The cycen across the road

Something (that Fox againe?) has been after my sweet cycens and chased one of the clear across the state road onto a neighbors property. I had to chase it between the properties of two neighbors who don’t like each other and eventually caught it in the road dreignage ditch.

Now the biggest Cock of the Flock is a notorious poltroon it seems and is now hiding from even the hens. I will have to do something I don’t want to do, which is keep them inside a fence like I use to, but they will not be able to eat all the grass and such like in the Yard.

I wish I had a Cock that actually defended his Hens.

Fox, not in socks

Coincidentally, when I was a-going out to see if there were eggs in the coop, I found my flock being pursued by a vitious Fox (first time I’d ever seen one irl) that looked like a woodchuck.

I chased up to it and clapped my hands to scare it off with a mouth full of feathers. The stupid COCK milled around there like it didn’t really want to be there, but knew it was supposed to be doing something. The other one seemed to be too ineffectual to care at all. I don’t know where the last cock was/is, he is always a loner.

The hen I think escaped other than losing many feathers. I followed the fox up and down the ditch untill I pickt up a stone to pitch at it, when it went off into the forest.

I now suspect my missing hens were eaten by this noxious thing.

Broodys, or something bad?

Yesterday, one of by favorite cycens, the little COCHIN disappeared. I have posted about her before. She is the one who constantly lays eggs under the nest boxes, rather than in them, for some reason. Probably because she is small enough to fit down there, unlike the rest of the hens. The defeated Cock also used to hide under there.

Anyway, she disappeared. Now, from experience I know that Cochins are notorious BROODYS if you let them. I suspect that they have been laying elsewhere (since they are free range) and this one finally went broody.

Now, however, today, another one, the easter egg cycen did not roost. I do not know if they are both broody (although supposedly the easter egg hens are not broody). Is something eating them?

I am thinking not, since my previous experience with chickens getting eaten by wild life is that the remaining ones become extremely scared and skittish and nervous afterwards. This hasn’t happened that I can tell. The easter egg layer was also easily the most skittish of the flock, so I’m surprized it would be her that disappeared.

We shall see if any more disappaear, or if in 3 weeks a little flock of PEEPERS show up.

Chicken Heat Transfer

I have a theory. We all know about “chicken math1, but I suspect there are other suppositious chicken Laws. So:

  1. Happiness is a warm cycen
  2. The warmer the cycen feels to you, the happier you are, unless it is overheating or you are freezing it.
  3. So, as you are heated by it, really it is generating happiness in you, fed by the heat.
  4. A dirty warm cycen is not happiness to most people, though it might be.
  5. The dirt on a cycen must be accounted for by a fouling factor somehow. It is essentially how dirty the cycen would make your hands/face if you touched it.

Of course, the only works if you like chickens, otherwise they may annoy you.

  1. I have no connexion with that site or company.