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Two maps of a “four corners for registration”

I have two completely different things for you that can both be called “four corners for (or of) registration”.



2 265588 / Aug-14 WM 6498940 / 345 / Graphic Packaging international, inc.

These doodles are called “registration marks” and are used to line up the different colors. If you are familiar with printing in color (even with little desktop printers), you know that there are usually four colors printed individually: cyan (bluish), magenta (pinkish), yellow and black. Each color is printed separately from the rest of them and, when the four layers of single color are on the same paper, they form a color image.


Ofcourse, if they are not aligned correctly, it looks ugly. These marks somehow help the print operators and also the printers and presses themselves to line them up correctly.

I don’t care though, because this looks like a particularly interesting map of a four corners. What’s that on the corner? A water tower? And the green line could be a trolley track from west to north. Some cars are present on the south and east.

The liquid cockroach was a spot of glue that took off some of the cardboard it was pressed against.



If you do not have a street address or 911 address, you may write directions to your home or provide the legal description (section, township, range) of your home. You may use the map to show where you live. If you use the map, write the names of the roads nearest where you live. Draw an X to show your home. Show schools, churches, or other nearby landmarks.


To register to vote in Oklahoma, you may (if you don’t have an address) have to draw a map. I never thought cartography would be a prerequisite to enfranchisement. I wonder if anyone has ever tried to claim this was an illegal literacy test?

The image above in context can be seen at the entire form, here. [Link fixed on January 24, 2020. Wayback Machine link points to form as it was on March 1, 2015, 4 days before this post.