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Bloompberg stories

After finding out about the fellow blog “Strange Bloompberg Headlines” I am reminded of my run-in with Bloompberg:

Some time ago I was still in college and received a broadcast Email from the business (school) department that they were going to administer the “Bloompberg Aptitude Test”, which was supposed to be a sort of SAT for business students, but evidently not the GMAT. Or something like that.

Anyway, the test was free for taking and they were trying to incite everyone to take it. I’m guessing this was because they wanted statistical information. Anyway, they invited me to take it so I did.

First point, they claimed you didn’t need to study for it because it was an “Aptitude” test. However I distinctly remember one question that require you to have been following the finantial news to be able to answer.

To register for the test, you supplied your college Email address. This let them be sure that someone who was actually a student or professor was taking the test. I was both a student and a part time hourly employee at the time, so I used my employee address. The difference was in the DNS: one was and the other was . I had been using my staff address in preference to my student one, so I did so this time without really thinking about it.

I took the test and got a decent seeming mark on it, but since I’m an engineer it didn’t really matter, I don’t think. Atleast I’ve never heard anything from anyone about it.

HOWEVER, some time after taking it I started getting Email newsletters from Bloomberg about things like hedge funds. Somewhat confused, I ignored them, but they kept coming. I guessed that they thought I was a business school professor because of my Email address and so kept sending me these things as some sort of professional courtesy or something. Publishers do the same thing with professional review copies of textbooks.

Finally, at the end of the year they stopped coming. Either they got tired of sending them, annually weed their mailing lists, or finally decided that I wasn’t really a professor. This was a little sad to me as I had gotten a little used to reading about high finance.