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Further SAP ATS trash

Applying to a firm that uses SAP for its HR software (“applicant tracking software”) is miserable.

Today I am a-going to post some further observations about why. Most of them have to do with localization, but some are just plain bad English use.

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Suggestion for a better LinkedIn

I think most of us know what LinkedIn is: The sometime satirized site for people to post resumes and ancillary information about their professional lives and qualifications. While searching there for positions to apply for, I ran across this:


See if you can spot what I’m writing about.

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Kentucky ©opyright violation

While examining the website of the official auditor of Kentucky, I noticed some dubious repurposing of icons from Apple. Case in point, the “SAFE-house” link on the righthand column:


Some of you may notice it looks suspiciously like the “FileVault” icon from the feature of that name.

To be honest, the name of the program, which is officially for “Secure, Anonymous, and File-Encrypted” (a forced acronym if there every was one), makes me think they decided to name the program after the icon.

To make sure no one gets the wrong idea, I have nothing against the Kentucky Auditor, as I will detail later, only this particular choice of icon.

An entertaining use of the Weather Service

For those of you in the United States, or who have any interest in it, I found out that the NWS has done one better than the USPS when it comes to ZIP codes (alias postal codes).

  1. Go to the NWS website:
  2. Find the box ‘Local forecast by “City, St” or ZIP code’
  3. Type in the first four digits of a ZIP code.
  4. NWS automatically lists the 10 places with the ZIP codes xxxx0 to xxxx9, as shown below for xxxx = 5454.


Off the top of my head I don’t know how this would be useful, but it is interesting. The Post Office’s website doesn’t do this that I am aware of, but I can’t be sure because it isn’t working right now.

8bitfics is gone. I am sad.

The short lived but highly entertaining WordPress blog “8bitfics” is deleted by its author now. I wish I had saved some of their text and graphics.

Essentially it was a series of stories with 8 bit color illustrations. I remember there was one about a clubbing cat, a lonely woman and… I don’t remember any more.

They got started about the same time I did in blogging, if I remember correctly. This is how I think we found each other.

Unhelpful search function

Search functions vary widely in utility. Companies have built their almost-world dominance on them. Well OK only one really, but others have done so regionally (Yandex, for example in Russia).

Plenty of search systems are trash. Wikipedia’s used to be terrible and has moderately improved since then. Tumblr’s is (evidently?) so bad that some themes even satirize it.

Sometimes, like this one below, the problem isn’t the search function, but an overzealous application of it:


When you only have two possible options, a search isn’t really required, IMO.

Come on PSEG!

For a company that prides itself on diversity, the New Jersey/New York utility company PSEG evidently forgot to read its job application diversity statement closely:


This does not look good and may be illegal if push came to shove, which I hope it doesn’t.

Side note: Don’t US/NANP phone numbers only have ten digits in them?