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New street light

Not a huge event, but the distribution company that serves my town replaced the street light across from my apartment building.

The old one was a probably 40+ year old HPS cobra head affair that had a bad lamp or ballast and kept turning on and off all night. I put in a work order for it, and in a surprizingly short time, they not only fixed it, but replaced it with a new LED full cutoff fixture.

I like the new white light cast. To my mind, sodium yellow I always associated with ugly neighborhoods you didn’t want to be in after dark. I have no idea if there is actually any correlation or not.


WTH Microsoft!

Having forgotten to go back to Windows 7 before my month was up, I’m still on Windows 10. Just now I installed the so-called “November update” or version 1511. To my annoyance, Windows Update scurrilously changed the default PDF reader from SumatraPDF (a third party PDF reader), to their so-called web browser, Edge, without even asking!

I thought Microsoft was over that kind of backdoor boogie.

Second thoughts on Ten

After updating my little tablet to Windows 10 (previously Windows 8.1) I have to say that it’s actually a step backwards.

For pure touch devices like tablets, 8.x was really good. The swipe in charms bar and Start screen were really intuitive and useful. Windows 10’s setup is sortof a bad remerge with the pure-Desktop design of 7.

Aside from that though, it oddly decided that I no longer had a touchscreen. On a tablet, that’s bad. It would still register touches, but wouldn’t bring up the touch keyboard when tapping on a text field. This is most annoying when you are trying to type in your password and have to use Ease of Access’s On Screen Keyboard or OSK.

I recommend sticking with 8.x if you are using a tablet. On a regular PC, 10 seems to be working fine.

Going up to… ten

I bit the bullet and let Microsoft update my Windows 7 to Windows 10. So far it is OK. I don’t know that it is so much better than Windows 7 really. The upgrade process was quite smooth and the UI was gorgeous really.

One note: It tried to keep the Windows 7 theme I had, but since the taskbar is now black, this resulted in black text on a black background! I had to reset the theme to the Windows 10 default.

The biggest complaint I have so far is that you can’t see what Windows updates are being installed; you’re forced to accept them all without any control.

I am trying to get it to install on my Windows 8.1 tablett, but it is stuck at 96 percent for some reason. This might be because I let it go to sleep in the middle of the upgrade, but it appeared to recover from that without trouble.

A cautious recommendation, so far.