Slow, modern Heptameron story eight (VIII)

Probably close to 20 years ago now, when P2P other than Bittorrent was popular and YouTube not much established, I downloaded a copy of the song “Convoy” by C. W. McCall. It’s someone using alot of CB radio slang while driving a tractor trailer. Fair enough.

(Word of warning: avoid the sequel song. It is really uncountably bad. Listen to it entirely alone so you won’t have to be embarrassed that any one else can hear it while associating it with your face.)

This particular copy that I downloaded had, after maybe 15 seconds of dead air at the end… a newsreader describing how doctors were trying to find out what sickened so many people at a recent American Legion convention.

The worst of it is, being sure that it would be on Youtube by now, I deleted it with most of my other downloaded music. I have not been able to find it since.

Shoutout to a Philadelphian artist

I found out about Joe Boruchow about three or four years ago in the Philadelphia Inquirer (A serious broadsheet, no relation whatever to the notorious “National Enquirer”) Arts section.

Essentially he cuts out figures of construction paper. Practically, he appears to create entire worlds from the stuff. I highly recommend looking at his site and the backfiles where he has posted these amazing works of true Art.

Full disclosure: I was not paid for this post, or any way involved with him.