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Mistakes were made … by Readers’ Digest

Normally I don’t patronize Readers’ Digest. My grand mother had a cardboard box filled with them that I used to read when I was visiting her place when very young and was up late at night, as I nearly invariably was. This was before computers.

Anyway, I found a posting by “RD” that listed what it considered stupid laws from the 50 states. These are fodder for satire everywhere and even some websites (I won’t link to them because they are usually trash) pretend to collect them.

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New Jersey tax maps

Unlike some states or counties, New Jersey does a darn good job hiding its tax maps. A quick search turns up purveyors wanting MONY.

Here is the official source:

Go there, and then clique “Map Search” You can then search the map.

I have no idea why it is so scattered like this.