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A properly loud Kentucky official

One way to waste some time is to take a look at the webpages and press releases of the various state auditors/comptrollers (and the Feds, who have a WordPress.) and see what they say about their work.

For example, the current Kentucky auditor (Michael Harmon) has some choice comments about parts of his state:

“The former administration [of Prestonsburg] was cutting sweetheart deals for itself, wasting taxpayer dollars and generally running the city for the benefit of a few,” State Auditor said.

A real zinger:

“This city [West Buechel] of roughly 1,300 residents is a mess,” State Auditor said. “I’d say it has been run poorly, but I’m not sure it was being run at all. […] ”

If you feel like trolling the Wayback Machine, you can find similar comments going back to Crit Luallen or maybe earlier. Now if only he would audit KENPAVE

Kentucky ©opyright violation

While examining the website of the official auditor of Kentucky, I noticed some dubious repurposing of icons from Apple. Case in point, the “SAFE-house” link on the righthand column:


Some of you may notice it looks suspiciously like the “FileVault” icon from the feature of that name.

To be honest, the name of the program, which is officially for “Secure, Anonymous, and File-Encrypted” (a forced acronym if there every was one), makes me think they decided to name the program after the icon.

To make sure no one gets the wrong idea, I have nothing against the Kentucky Auditor, as I will detail later, only this particular choice of icon.