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Watching the returns roll in…

I am currently staying up late for my favorite activity: watching election returns in well documented races. Right now, it is in Alabama, in the contest for the Senator to replace Sessions.

Anyone else do this at all? I know plenty do, I’m just fishing for your recollections of memorable past counts. I’ll start with mine:

There is a song, “Sitting on the Dock” that has the line about “watching the ships roll in”. I always think of that when watching the returns “roll in”.


Same name, same ideas

If you live in the United States, or are familiar with United States policy disputes, you are probably aware that the (US) FCC is collecting comments on their Internet regulatory policy known as “network neutrality”.

Unsurprizingly, people are accusing other people of astroturfing by making fake comments on the proposed changes. I checked to see if my name was so (mis)used and found that there was someone of the same name – and same views – living on the other side of the country!

The Commies are coming?

I was born far too late to have lived through either of the “Red scares”, but that doesn’t mean their detritus isn’t available for me to find. Here is one example:


The publisher of this one is far from “lost”: The American Bar Association is still around, probably as strong as ever. Their “Standing Committee on Education against Communism”, however, appears to no longer exist.

Do note the “bar” in the ABA’s logo, though.

Prison papers

Starting to talk about a news magazine of the past, it seems meta to make the first post on it be about news papers it covered.


TItles of Prison-Papers

Published in the Religion and Social Service section of the January 22, 1916 edition of the Literary Digest is an article on “The New Prison-Journalism” with these examples of name plates of various prison news papers. We see, in approximately top to bottom, then left to right order:

  1. The Index – too generic a name to be able to find out where it was published
  2. The Bulletin – same as above, but appears to say “California”.
  3. Ohio Penitentiary News – presumably here.
  4. The Prison Monitor – according to the sub, it was published in Windsor, Vermont. This puts it at the now Southeast State Correctional Facility.
  5. The Mentor – too generic and no subtitle
  6. The Umpire – appears to say “Philadelphia”, so I am assuming it came from Eastern State.
  7. Industrial School Times – can’t tell. There were legions of “Industrial Schools” in the United States as well as in other English language countries.
  8. Mo??? Record – if we assume it is the Monitor-Record, that doesn’t help us at all.
  9. The Joliet Prison Post – obviously this one.
  10. The Better Citizen – my favorite name of the list, from here.
  11. The Reformatory Pillar – this place.
  12. The Chronicle – the sub says “reformatory”, but I can’t tell where.
  13. The Mirror – another Minnesota one, which is evidently still going!
  14. Lend a Hand – this unreadable head I could only figure out by reading the article. It is from the Oregon (State) Penitentiary.
  15. The Pioneer – sub says Illinois State Reformatory, which is now a general prison.
  16. The Penitentiary Bulletin – sub says “State of Kansas / Lansing”. That would make it this place.
  17. The Reflector – This one says Jeffersonville, Indiana, so it must be this facility.
  18. Good Words – Being in Atlanta, Georgia, means it is almost certainly the Federal prison USP, Atlanta.
  19. Reformatory Press – From Anamosa, Iowa’s former reformatory.
  20. Stray Shots – What a terrible name for a prison news paper.
  21. Leavenworth New Era – Another Federal one, presumably the civilian one and not the military one. Interestingly, an escapee from this place made it to Canada and turned mayor!
  22. Summary – I can barely make out “Elmira”, so it is likely this New York State facility.
  23. Our View Point – obviously the Washington State Penitentiary in Washington, as opposed to the similarly named place in… Georgia.
  24. The Reflector – not the same as the previous one, no idea to its location.
  25. Star of Hope – per the article, Sing Sing.
  26. The Corrector – sub says Chicago, so I’m guessing the Cook County Jail?

Aside of the titles, the article presents the feeling of the time as one of reform and improvement, both of society and self. Maybe it will come again?

My town supervisor (think mayor, but bigger) has a “cute” AOL Email address on his business card. It’s one letter different from “huckster”. If they weren’t shutting it down, I’d try and send him a message on AIM.