Odd Economical names

As mentioned before, I occasionally look into the magazine called The Economist (exactly like that, with a capital article).

One of their online features is a little quiz each week, where you have to answer general (or specific) knowledge questions about the news of important things and then know who someone’s picture is.

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How to tell a British company when you apply to one

I was applying for a position (in the United States) at the firm GSK (alias GlaxoSmithKline) and was presented with this option to select my “prefix”:

Name Prefix (dropdown list): Doctor, Lady, Lord, Miss, Mr, Mrs, Ms, Professor, Sir. Hidden fields: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name/Surname, Postal address 1, Postal address 2.

I have filled out more of these forms than I can tell you, probably a easy hundred, but I have never otherwise seen options for “Lady” and “Lord”. Why did they feel the need to include these? Do they regularly recruit tituled nobility? If so, do they really have to go through the same ATS that commoners like me do?

If so, HAH!