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A thermodynamical warez group?

While searching on the Bing search engine (entertainingly, WordPress thinks that “Bing” is misspelled, as well as “WordPress”), I saw this on one of their side ads:


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Music to violate copyrights by

A blog I follow, @8bitfics, reminded me of this highly entertaining tune I have more or less eternally ready to whistle.

First, the story.

About 10 years ago I had a piece of software that I wanted to use without paying for, so I found a tool to bypass the purchasing part of it. In other words, a crack. I used it and for some reason had by speakers on, and so found out that it had MUSIC. Not only that, but good music. Music you could even try and dance to (I didn’t try though).

The software faced the usual plight of software: An updated version was released and I upgraded. I also had to find a new crack because the last one was no longer any good. Some companies are quite vigilant at updating their software to frustrate pirates, such as this one.

The crack I kept, though it was useless for its original purpose now. Every now and againe I would load it and listen to the music. For some reason though, it got corrupted and I didn’t have a backup (This was before I kept backups). I tried off and on to find it again, but I never did.

Then, about a couple of months ago, I realized I could look for the music the same place I look for all the other music I listen to. Youtube!

Quick, to the search engine! And…—

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.