Unhelpful sign is inaccurate

I am sure this has happened, that you look at a photograph or moving image and something not important to the subjects is what you remember.

Mount Vernon, New York is a little place, officially a “City” as the State considers it. It actually borders the north end of New York City, so is part of that conurbation / megalopolis.

In 2019, the mayor plead guilty to offenses, and used some ultimately defeated legal logic to stick around. For a time there were 2 “mayor” people in the government building, the police department arrested their commissioner (chief), and this picture was taken and posted by the Journal News in this article:

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Subset of shame full interfaces: we-don’t-care accessibility

Along with software entries in my “Interface Hall of Shame“, I am adding a realia by adding this seriously careless (both senses) bit of Braille “accessibility”.

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Personal ugly mony

While possibly not the first, unquestionably the biggest collection online of artistically1 defaced mony is the “ugly money” page at Johnny Burritoe, seen here.

I turned up some of my own by accident when I was given the below as change sometime recently.

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Cause for Alarm!

A reader contributed this to my “InExOb” collection.


First of all, the quotes should be on the onomatopoeia. Secondly, what was the need of this? Do they have something else that might be mistaken for the alarm? If so, why?

Tangent: this reminds me of the time I stayed at a hotel in Ohio. They posted the relevant except from the laws of the state about hotels, which clearly hadn’t been updated in a century or so because they contained a reference to the “ladies waiting room”.