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Who are these people?

Any why do they keep turning up in my referrers list?

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Information! Security?

At the State entity I work for, I’ve been annoyed twice by blatant scam robocalls. I decided finally I would report them.

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A new security question

We all know those “security questions” that websites ask to verify user’s identities, sometimes called shared secrets. The ones like your mother’s maiden name and favorite high school pet’s phone number.

I propose a new one for technical people: What was the name (SSID) of the first wireless network you connected to?

More out of data browser requirements

While checking out NYSEG‘s website, I clicked on the link on this page to see what browsers were supported. Here’s what I got:


While not as out of date as ITT, this is still dated by several years. IE 6 should be withdrawn, as should all of the versions of Firefox in that range. We’re up to Firefox 40 now, not 3.6.

Linde uses untrustworthy HR software

I am a fairly recent graduate looking for employment in engineering. One of the companies (out of a spreadsheet full) I’m looking at is Linde. The company itself goes back to very early days in the chemical industry and makes industrial gases for wholesale purposes.

Anyway, I finally found their HR site and was arguing with it over whether or not it should be telling me what jobs Linde had open, when I noticed this:

LindeEncryption(Click for full size)

Actually, maybe I don’t want to work for these people, if this is their idea of security.