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Did anyone fall for this? Probably, and that makes me sad…

Quackery is a saddening thing for me to think of and see. People who, using the hope of medicine, defraud those desperate or unable to see through their crap impostures.

So, still in 1905, on July 1st, the back page of the Literary Digest (I swear I’ll get out of this issue eventually, but there is so much in it to blog about!):

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Where the DANGER is.

If you live in the United States and have bought or rented a place, you have almost certainly run across one of these. A classical case of damage from the lack of any kind of testing for safety, or its suppression if done.

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Annoyance at co-“workers”

First note: I am not giving out any identifiable information. There are enough trolls out there I don’t want to feed them.

Second note: This is exactly what the title suggests, a rant about some people who I work with/around. If you don’t want to read it, I will understand if you skip this.

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Animal croquet from China in the maybe 70s

More consumer product archaeology. Found this in a display case at my grand mothers old house:

AnimalCroquetI’m guessing this is pre-1973 and the “China” refers to what we now call Taiwan. The character for “State” is written in traditional Chineze1, so I don’t think it is “mainland” Chineze.

All this aside, it is a little strange and somewhat freaky. It cost 1.50 USD according to the price tag on the back of the box. Note the strange, possibly custom, font for “Croquet”.

  1. A further post to follow on spelling Chineze “incorrectly”. 

A hideous combination

Next to my workstation is some miscellaneous matter. I just looked seriously at it now, and noticed a truely terrible idea was brought to fruitition by someone:


Yes, a chamber pot soap dish. What a bad bad idea. Was this for parents in Ye Old Days to wash their children’s mouths out with to make a point with with? Or was it a regular thundermug that you washed your hands before using? Or, did you pick the soap out, wash your hands while on it, and then drop the soap back in? Confusing!

Bonus points for storing the crapped-up crockery in a wholesale sanitary products box!