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Versioning is getting out of hand

I know the tendency these days is for rapid release of software, but I prefer the older, slower incrementing software. Consider that (MS) DOS went from 1.x to 6.x in over 10 years, while Firefox (for example) has gone up to 52 (!) in that time.

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First so-called blogging

When I was maybe 10 or so I tried to write a journal. Unfortunately my sister found it about 5 years or so later. I remember writing and also her reading to my parents the one I had written that was mostly illegible (my handwriting has always been terrible) except for the phrases “massive pile of FECES” and “I was greatly relieved”. You can imagine how we both laughed at this (despite my being put out at it) it being stupid-seeming to her and I was around 5th grade then.

This was the first time I tried to maintain any species of regular writing.