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Well that only took forever

I don’t like to hate on government agencies, especially the underfed and underfunded. This, however, is annoying to me…

The United State Government Publishing1 Office lets you buy books and pamphlets the various parts of the United States (but not the States themselves) have reduced to written form. I have bought several copies of the official text of the Constitution from them for ready reference.

Some publications just go to show that there is a certain amount of stodge that always goes with government, such as the bizzare choice of smiley face on this document about bridge inspections. It make it look a little untrustworthy to me, like “It’s OK, really (wink)”.

Anyway, I wanted badly to read this entertainingly titled Ebook on investment frauds from a sometime Commissioner of the CFTC with a mullet that is supposedly available free. Well:

  1. There are two entries for this media on the GPO’s website, for some reason.
  2. The PDF link in the one is bad.
  3. I can’t find the “Add to Cart” link mentioned, even if logged in to my account.

Anyway, after fussing around (I didn’t call them up, because when I reported a spelling mistake in their ecommerce user management, it took over a month to get a reply. And it still isn’t fixed. As before, underfunded) I found a link to the PDF and EPUB files on their… FTP server.

Anyway, go here:

  1. Ex-Government Printing Office. I understand the name change, but the older one was headed by the supremely titled “Public Printer of the United States”. The new one is run by a “Director”. Boring!! 

Did anyone fall for this? Probably, and that makes me sad…

Quackery is a saddening thing for me to think of and see. People who, using the hope of medicine, defraud those desperate or unable to see through their crap impostures.

So, still in 1905, on July 1st, the back page of the Literary Digest (I swear I’ll get out of this issue eventually, but there is so much in it to blog about!):

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Annoyance at co-“workers”

First note: I am not giving out any identifiable information. There are enough trolls out there I don’t want to feed them.

Second note: This is exactly what the title suggests, a rant about some people who I work with/around. If you don’t want to read it, I will understand if you skip this.

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Dirty so-called “privacy policy”

While looking around for positions to apply for, I ran across a certain semi-local company that had a position open I was interested in. Many companies have privacy policies you have to agree to in order to use their applicant tracking software (“HR software”, if you will).

Most of the time these are boilerplate warnings about data retention and who to contact about complaints. This company, however, had this:


In other words, they can take pictures of you, and then pair them up with a totally fake or unrepresentative quote and publish it and you can’t to anything about it. To go to an extreme example, they could give surveillance footage of you to a stock photos agency (“…entity designated by it…”), photoshop a gun onto you (“…including altering…”) and sell it to a rabid PAC (“…including any and all commercial use thereof whatsoever…”) and, in effect, do to your reputation what they want.

This unless someone who is better trained in law can provide corrections to my conjecture.

Fortunately their also otherwise unprofessional HR department decided not to hire me, so I don’t have to worry about this any more.

Sigh @ Windows

It’s a fact of life that a long lived operating system will have a long list of updates. It’s the price of popularity and success. Despite all this, it’s hard for me to not be impatient when seeing this on installing Windows 7 and then Windows Update:


Note that this was after installing a bunch of preliminary updates, including Service Pack 1.

I swear…

…Adobe comes out with a new security hole in Flash every other week. I’ve started to see warnings about outdated Flash installed on my PC (and they are legit, not scareware) coming up again.

This is exasperating and makes me wish Flash was completely superseded and replaced (IE. Dead).

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