I fixed the phone!

A Kellogg / IT&T branded Western Electric 500 deskset wouldn’t dial out right because the dial wouldn’t return after a high number (if you dialed 0 it would stop spinning back at about 7).

I took the top off, then removed the dial from its holding bracket. I removed the clear plastic cover, and disassembled the entire gear thing and cleaned up all of the contact places. No surprize most were dirty some how and many were very black with spent oil. Cleaned all that up, used some PTFE-based lubricant I had for something else, reassembled it, and it didn’t work.

Spent the next ~2.5 hours fixing the problem I made when I bent the contacts while cleaning them. I had a Bell System WE500 off to the side to compare mine to. Finally, it works properly. I dialed the operator, my work-issued phone, a relative of mine, and the office I work at. Everything went fine.

Aside: a friend of mine calls these “spin phones”.

Back on the Chain-Gang; or, a Second Line-in-Waiting

It has been a while since I posted. I was on vacation. Now I have a bunch of stuff to scan and many screen shots from previous time to put up and comment on.

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I have worse Internet than my boss

My immediate boss/supervisor lives on some nasty town road that is ill maintained (he says, I’ve never been there) and has even worse utility service. He can’t get anything but dialup or satellite and even the infamously reliable Bell System copper wire doesn’t last long in a power failure because the booster in the box halfway into town doesn’t have a long lasting battery.

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Tell-O-phone; or, in search of the Dial Tone

I previously blogged about getting utility service at a new location. I finally have telephone service, but had to expend some effort to get it.

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The telephone Bell goes “click!”

I have an old rotary dial telephone sitting on top of my PC. Not only does it ring REALLY LOUDLY (because I set it that way) and makes me anxious, I can tell when someone else is on the line!

For example, someone starts dialing a number on another extension, I can hear the clapper in mine click out the numbers. This requires the other extension to also be a dial phone. Also, when someone picks up other extensions (dial or touch tone) I can hear this one go “click!”

If I wanted to I could offencively spy on everything going on around here. (:<