Highly memorable poem

Frank Solani’s pome about brushing teeth (which I don’t like and don’t to very often sigh) reminds me of 4 poems that are really 1 long one, that for some reason I almost completely memorized with no effort or attempt when I first read 3 of them.

The first is the well known “Queen of Hearts” that Lewis Carroll put in is first “Alice” book, the other 3 are the follow-ons for “the King of Spades”, “the King of Clubs”, and “The Diamond King”. You can read about them on the WikipediA and read them themselves on Wikisource.

Manly Song!

I remember running across a reprinted copy of this work, and finally found it again. It is transcribed below the picture.

Black and white scan of a very spotty broadside or handbill showing a 1770s dressed man with a sword under his right arm, and some ships in the distance a-sail. Below are the lyrics.

First, as best I can copy them given WordPress’s newly unfriendly editour. What got improved? I don’t know, but after these, I will redo the words in a more modern friendly format if you are using a screen-reader.

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It is a palindrome day

In the ISO calendar display, yyyymmdd, today is 20200202. I remember in 2002 my father showed me something similar on graph paper. I don’t have it anymore and that is a little sad, but I nearly missed the significance of today and would have had to wait about 2 years for the next one.

Readers of the “Moscow Puzzles” may remember 1961 and the odometer on the family car. I need to finish that book.