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Versioning is getting out of hand

I know the tendency these days is for rapid release of software, but I prefer the older, slower incrementing software. Consider that (MS) DOS went from 1.x to 6.x in over 10 years, while Firefox (for example) has gone up to 52 (!) in that time.

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More proof, if any was necessary, that the Y F’d up Flickr

OK I’m making a somewhat bold claim, but the old Flickr I never had problems loading. This new one constantly jerks and shunts. I even got this dialog from Firefox, wanting to make sure I didn’t completely seize it up:


Yeeeeek! Fortunately Firefox allows for really long script names like this and knew to expand the dialog box and didn’t try and truncate the name.

For the record, I don’t remember if I clicked “Continue” or “Stop script”.

Note: The “Y” in the titul means Yahoo, not the YMCA.