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Broodys, or something bad?

Yesterday, one of by favorite cycens, the little COCHIN disappeared. I have posted about her before. She is the one who constantly lays eggs under the nest boxes, rather than in them, for some reason. Probably because she is small enough to fit down there, unlike the rest of the hens. The defeated Cock also used to hide under there.

Anyway, she disappeared. Now, from experience I know that Cochins are notorious BROODYS if you let them. I suspect that they have been laying elsewhere (since they are free range) and this one finally went broody.

Now, however, today, another one, the easter egg cycen did not roost. I do not know if they are both broody (although supposedly the easter egg hens are not broody). Is something eating them?

I am thinking not, since my previous experience with chickens getting eaten by wild life is that the remaining ones become extremely scared and skittish and nervous afterwards. This hasn’t happened that I can tell. The easter egg layer was also easily the most skittish of the flock, so I’m surprized it would be her that disappeared.

We shall see if any more disappaear, or if in 3 weeks a little flock of PEEPERS show up.

Chicken Heat Transfer

I have a theory. We all know about “chicken math1, but I suspect there are other suppositious chicken Laws. So:

  1. Happiness is a warm cycen
  2. The warmer the cycen feels to you, the happier you are, unless it is overheating or you are freezing it.
  3. So, as you are heated by it, really it is generating happiness in you, fed by the heat.
  4. A dirty warm cycen is not happiness to most people, though it might be.
  5. The dirt on a cycen must be accounted for by a fouling factor somehow. It is essentially how dirty the cycen would make your hands/face if you touched it.

Of course, the only works if you like chickens, otherwise they may annoy you.

  1. I have no connexion with that site or company. 

Chickens in the Yard

Yesterday I tried an experiment: I let the chickens out of their fenced in yard into the outside yard. This was mainly because the chicken yard was completely denuded of everything and plain bare ground. Now they can scratch and pick in the dead leaves and fresh grass and similar matter. They seem to like it, so I repeated it today.

There is a nearby road, BUT it is up a hill that they are unlikely to climb.

On account of a sale at the farm store, I now have an even 500 lbm (¼ short ton) of feed for them. This will last a few weeks @ least, probably closer to a month or more now that they are outside so much.

I guess this means they are free range?


I had been on vacation, a-visiting my parents and helping them with some project(s) they needed help on.

After driving the half-day needed to get back here, I feel barely able to blog about it, but I did unload a t0n of books on the library as donaties. Also, the cycens left a HUGE T0N of cycen crap on the droppings board, which I have cleaned up now and ventolized the coop out of the ammoniacal smell. You can tell I’m tired I’m misspelling things and don’t care really.

I’m off to take a shower and sleep.

Your author.

More coop area cleaning, but more up in the air

Yesterday was a nice day (warmish, no precipitation, a little wind) so I did some work on cleaning up the swampland behind the cycen coop and yard. I had mentioned doing this before.

Alot of it was trash on the order of old tarps and such like, but there were some large plastic and cast iron pipes that were worth saving. They are now stacked off to the side. Unfortunately there is alot of swampgrass that is dead from the winter and just laying there.

If nothing else, I took two feed bags full of old trash over to the dumpster along with a cartload of other miscellaneous trash I had pickt up in the garden cart. I think that is something good.

If the Civil Service doesn’t pan out I will expand the powltry yard to include grassier areas. If it does and I have to move to the capital, then I will have to give away or sell the cycens, which will be sad, but I can’t be too choosy here.

Further cleaning in the coop

The weather was unlikelyly warm today. It was supposed to get to the 50s (°F), but I think it got to @least 60 °F. This has melted almost all of the snow on the ground, except for the huge piles that are on the edges of parking lots. If nothing else, we have significantly muddier ground now, because it is still frozen down below the surface.

There is a ditch on the property (actually two) that dreign off the hill across the street. I took a walk down the main one and a little ways up the side one untill they hit a culvert that marks the boundary of the property. I found:

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I got an interview for a civil service position in the state capital. It’s in about 2 weeks. (:

Downside: It’s 3 hours from where I live now and I would have to relocate if I get/take it. ):

In other news, I dumped a load of shaved wood in the coop for the cycens to scratch in, which they were doing when I left. I bought two compressed bales of the stuff, so when this one is completely distributed, I will then give them the second one.

It snowed last night, so the yard is all filled up and will be even muddier when it melts.

When I was in the farm store, I looked at wire fencing, but they did not have very much on hand (no surprize there, the ground is frozen).